Bear with me, this might be raelly hard to foollow and full of typos because i’m stilll a little loopy from the anesthesia/pain meds for getting my wisdom teth out thsi morning.

it hurts ps lol. but it’s doable.

i really wanted to blog last night when this thought hit me, but it was so late that i just decided i’d do it today.

I was laying in bed, and i was scared. I was just talking to Jesus and then the sermon i was listening to, the pastor talked about Jesus’ prayer the night he got arrested. and so i started thinking about that.

And i realized, that Jesus had gotten scared too. That Jesus understood exactly what I was feeling because he’d been there, actually his was a lot worse and a lot scarier, but he’d been there. He’d been scared too. He’d had to think about what was going to happen to him for a while before it did too. he gets it.

That was just the most wonderful realization. i was able to sleep after that quite peacefully. i mean, i know in hebrews it says we have a high priest who gets everything, but having so tangible of an example on a night when I really needed it was so incredible.

And Jesus even gave me better friends than he had, lol. My dear friend Tyler called me from college last night and talked me through my fear, and he called me again today after surgery. it was so sweet of him, it made me feel somuch better. It was the next best thing to him being here with me, which we all know wasn’t possible lol.

I’m overwhemled. By God’s love that he would put someone like Tyler in my life, and by his love that he would feel more fear than I did last night and still go through with the cross. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that God understood how I felt last night in an intimate way. I’m amazed at just how great my God really is.

And now I really want more pain meds lol.


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  1. slowdowntime says:

    I love how we can always go to Jesus about what’s going on in our lives. It’s so comforting. I’m so glad your procedure went well and I hope you will recover really quickly! :)
    And I’m glad you have Tyler to be there for you. It makes me happy. :)

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