Hello from the first leg of my exciting journey to my new life!

I am in a beautiful, snow-laden neighborhood sitting on a green chair in my grandparent’s office, writing to you and publishing this on her newly-repaired wifi. It’s wonderful :) Grandma’s surprise party went well, I must say it gave me a lot more to think about than anything. I don’t want this to turn into a “things I don’t like about my grandmother or family” session, but I have learned a lot by observation of what I don’t want my life to be like. I have also seen some very positive things. My grandpa’s quiet times are so cute. He just bursts out singing after his devotions, and he’s in such a good mood. I like it.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit my other grandparents, and for this I am truly excited. My aunt can’t make it to see us, and that makes me very sad, but at least I’ll get to spend a few days with them. They’re so precious.

We went shopping today, and I finally found boots I like! Except they didnt’ have my size so I had to order them online and send them to granny and gramps’s house. Yeah. so this isn’t really that exciting. But that’s the latest :)


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