I had this really cool habit last semester and the semester before–I would never do school on Sundays, in order to honor God’s example of resting. It was such a neat exercise in trust, and I really feel like God grew my trust in Him a lot (the projects I didn’t think I’d finish, the paper I didn’t think was good enough that swung my grade up to an A…it was pretty sweet).

I was sitting on my bed yesterday working on homework, and I realized that tomorrow is Sunday, and that’s the day I had chosen a long time ago to be my day of rest from school. I was trying so hard to justify doing school today–there’s more of it, if I don’t feel stressed about it then it’s not wrong, it’s all Bible stuff anyway, God would want me to work hard and do my best…

But they all fell short. There was just this nagging thought in the back of my head–Lindsey, why aren’t you trusting Me? Like, really? You’ll move 1400 miles from home, but won’t give up one day to recharge and trust my promises?

Zing! So, today is my first Sabbath here at my new school. Do I have a lot I could be doing? Of course. But I feel like this is what I should be doing. I need to trust that God will do what He says, even when it comes to school. If I do my part and work hard six days and rest one, who’s to say that God can’t help me get everything done and remember it too?

I submit that my God is big enough to do just that, and so much more beyond what I can imagine. So, I’m going to read some non-school related things, and then play games with some of my friends, and just enjoy life and the sweetness of Christ and His love.

A really big thought hit me today during communion. My eyes fell on the verse in Luke that talks about how Jesus was in agony when he was praying in the garden. Agony. That’s no small emotion. And, after profusely thanking Him for enduring the most horrible pain, all I could think was

How sweet it is to be loved by You

And that shall be my song. How precious, how wonderful, how overwhelming, how sweet it is to be loved by You.


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