Hey look, it’s Valentine’s day.

I hate today so much. Every flipping year I tell myself that by this time next year, today will actually matter.

And every flipping year I realize that it still doesn’t, and I’m just tired of it. This isn’t another, Oh I’m so sad, I don’t have a boyfriend, I want to date, post. I’m done with those. Because I’m very thankful I haven’t dated yet. I’m just…I’m frustrated.

I’m so sick of the lies the devil is throwing at me, that because this day doesn’t matter, I don’t matter. I’m so tired of constantly fighting him off. I really just wish he’d buzz off and leave me the bananas alone. So this year, I’m going to make my valentine’s day matter. I’ve got some volunteer hours lined up, and tons of homework to occupy me. I’m not going to mope. This whole thing is so stupid.

GAH I HATE VALENTINES DAY. I can’t pretend that it doesn’t make me feel like the slime of the earth, or that it doesn’t make me depressed. So I’m going to indulge those feelings tonight with some sugar and Hannah Montana (mostly, I’m just hungry and can’t sleep anyway…). But I’m following that up with a sermon as I go to bed, and lots of Jesus time tomorrow. I really really hate this day. I just…do.


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