I recently discovered that a little church about an hour away is in need of a piano player and children’s assistant leader. It sounds totally awesome, right?

I’m very apprehensive about it today. I met with the pastor of the church and I just don’t have a good feeling about it. About him.

Now, if you’re a guy, immediately you’re going to ask why he makes me feel uncomfortable. But I don’t really have a reason, not a legitimate reason. He just came across as very…I don’t even know. It just made me uncomfortable. And as a woman I feel like to neglect that sense in me is to ignore an alarm God put inside me.

He was very nice, and the job does sound really neat. A big challenge, but with God’s help it could be accomplished. The only problem is this guy I’d have to ride with twice a week. I just don’t think I’m comfortable with that. He said a lot of people here spoke highly of me, which surprised me since I don’t know many people, and he apparently looked at my facebook photos (yeah, delete.) and just…I don’t know. I’m just very unsettled. So I’ll probably end up asking Taiwan Chris  to go with me this Sunday (or someone, I refuse to go alone) and…we’ll see what happens next. I’m afraid that I might have to turn this down, but I can’t….I can’t ignore this apprehension.

What do you guys think about a woman’s apprehension even if it’s unfounded? Have you ever felt that?


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  1. slowdowntime says:

    Hmmm. I think God gives us that intuition to protect us. I would definitely go this week and see if you can get someone to go with you, and just see how it goes, but if you still have that feeling I wouldn’t ignore it. I might say it’s because you could be a little nervous about it, but if that is the case that feeling would go away when you go.

    Unfortunately just because this guy is a pastor doesn’t mean you can trust him, which is sad, but that’s how our world is now.

    I’m not surprised that a lot of people know about you. You’re amazing. :)

  2. Natalie says:

    I can totally relate! I’ve been situations where for no explainable reason, theres a guy who just rubs me the wrong way. And of course if I say anything, some people think I’m paranoid, but you can’t avoid the nagging feeling, can you?

  3. Eddie says:

    yeah, so I’m not a woman, so I have no idea what a woman’s intuition is or means… lol


    I do know what the leading of the Holy Spirit feels like, and sometimes He gives me very clear warnings about other folks, and sometimes doesn’t give me clear reasons behind those warnings.

    you have these feelings for a reason, and that shouldn’t be ignored.
    there isn’t anything wrong with asking someone else to go with you (this is a good idea for riding with someone you don’t know anyway,) and there isn’t anything wrong with being cautious.

    But, I also don’t think there is anything wrong with him checking out your facebook, lol- especially if he is asking you to play for his church. it’s good to know what the peeps you are asking to help are putting out there for the world to see about themselves. It helps him know a bit more about you, and see what is important to you. It also helps him be sure of what other folks are gonna be seeing about you- cause chances are more are gonna cyber-check you out.
    it would be pretty bad if you had some bad stuff on there that others showed him about you after you played a couple times, wouldn’t it? you don’t, but he doesn’t know that unless he checks. so this probably isn’t as creepy as it can come off.

    hope that helps some. :)

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