Hello from my normally-sunny-but-today-very-cloudy hometown! :)

I’ve got my Pandora going (although none of my channels are playing songs I like currently…growl) and just finished practicing some Rachmaninoff (which is extremely tedious and difficult, by the way). Indeed, I’m home.

Chelsea, a youth group girl, and I are planning to read through the New Testament this summer. After making a reading plan, it looks like we’re actually only going to get through 10 books, give or take depending on how much we have to discuss in them, but that’s still an excellent start. We’re starting with John and then hitting some of Acts and skipping over to Ephesians. I kind of chose the epistles that have meant the most to me as first priority in our reading, and I’m really excited for her to get into them. We might not make it through all 10 books, I’m more concerned that she understand what we’re reading. I really just want to get her into the Bible and to know what it says for herself. Learning from other people is great, but you absolutely must know what it says for yourself.

I’ve seen a lot of weird parenting lately. I babysat some kids last night who didn’t see their parents like at all yesterday. I took over for the day nanny to watch them at night, and these kids were crazy. They had no in between-they were either running around screaming or glued ot the TV. It was really hard to interact with them because they couldn’t calm down and listen to instructions. I understand children will be energetic, but there is a huge difference between energetic and unruly. I also saw a parent with his child in daycare and he came over to play video games with us. What? Why would you do that? Good parents seem very hard to find. I’m not saying these parents don’t love their children, but I do wonder why they do these things sometimes.

Anyway, Timmy just called and said we’re going to go play tennis in about an hour, so I’m going to go e-mail my penpal and…yeah I don’t know after that. but anyway, there’s an update for you bloggers :)


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  1. Natalie says:

    Loving the new background! Babysitting makes for a pretty good job in my opinion. A lot of my friends have been searching for summer jobs, but haven’t had much luck with the economy. So I’m pretty much spending my summer reading, napping, eating ice cream… hanging out with friends… eating more ice cream =D

  2. I don’t think you should get a job. If you think babysitting will provide for what you need over the summer then you shouldn’t get a job. Babysitting is flexible. This is your last summer at home like you said, you should enjoy it. Spend it with the people you love. After this your time might not be as flexible.

    I think you’ve handled your new title in life extremely well. I am so proud of you and I love what God has done for you in your life. :)

    And yeah.. parents are scaaary these days. :( It makes me sad. I see a lot of bad parenting at work. I hope to never be like that.

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