Those are nine of my favorite letters, one of my favorite words.

I love the relaxation of summer, but I loathe its lack of structure. I have no willpower to hold to a strict schedule because there’s absolutely no point to, whereas during school my life is extremely ordered and it makes sense.

Of course, structure can also become my downfall. At the end of last semester, I had my life so “structured” and “scheduled” that personal time with God became short and would slip to the wayside far too frequently. Add that to an instant structureless life, and my devotions have been weak and sloppy.

I’ve noticed it, too.

I’ve been short with people, far more emotional than normal, far more worried about things, questioning all of my decisions, more fearful…I’m a completely different person. And finally, this completely different person wasn’t going to wait any longer to “feel” like she wanted to do devotions–she was dying  inside and craving Christ yet lacking motivation to do anything about it.

So I finally just made myself shut off all distractions and get away from everything and just be real.

I can already tell a difference in myself. Talk about incredible. I feel so refreshed and far less fearful and worried. It’s amazing what spending time with the Savior and being intentional to focus on God does.

Anyway, for a while, I’ve had this idea for a challenge in my head, and a month ago a really great topic for my challenge was laid upon my heart.

I read a book last semester on spiritual disciplines, one of which was prayer. The author challenged us to pick something to secretly pray about fervently for 30 days–someone’s salvation, a marriage, a broken person, a relationship, a sickness…the list of possibilities is endless.

I witnessed a hurting marriage not too long ago, and it absolutely ripped my heart out. I won’t go into details, but I did learn a lot about relationships and marriages while I was observing it. That is my mission on this prayer challenge. I believe God can and will intervene.

I challenge you to pick something and pray about it for 30 days. You can post a vague topic here if you like so we can keep each other accountable, but you most certainly don’t have to. If you do the challenge, pray expecting big things. God is HUGE and can do anything, let’s not forget.

Much love,


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  1. I definitely get the same way. I usually do my devotional time near bedtime, and some nights I skip the devotions and go straight to watching tv because I’m tired and don’t feel like reading. Which is horrible. So lately I’ve been doing it earlier, like right when I get home for the evening or after dinner. When I’m not spending that time with God I get the same way. I get scared about my future and other things going on in my life. It’s so sad how that time with God is what we need, and yet it feels like so much work to get motivated to do it sometime. My grandma was telling me the other day that devotional time should be like the chocolate cake of our day and I totally believe that. It’s funny after you start doing it it gets easier, but those first few days back are hard for sure.

    I will definitely participate in your challenge! I have a friend whose wedding engagement was just broken off, for the better. But she’s still hurting a lot from it, so I will be praying for her. What was the book called that you’re talking about?

  2. ivory627 says:

    It’s was….Something by John Ortberg (Or Ortburg). The life you’ve always wanted? it’s blue, lol…

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