Ok, so here’s a story I haven’t told very many people. I’m only telling it to you now to help me process it better. I know, once it’s on the internet it’s no longer a secret, but it’s not something I was trying very hard to keep a secret, just from people who would worry, and the worry option is no longer available.

I had a creeper.

Last semester, we had a kid visit our school and sit in on one of my classes. My professor mentioned he was from my home state, and I was horridly homesick at the time, so after class I made a point to go over and find out where he was from and stuff, just to be nice and talk to someone who had been closer to my home weeks ago than I had been in months. We found out that we both play piano, and that was pretty much the end of the conversation. Two minutes, tops.

Fast forward. I’m back in my home state for my brother’s wedding, and I get an e-mail from the administration at my school asking me to please come talk to him as soon as possible. I’m freaked out, of course, so I wrote back that I was currently a thousand miles away but could call if needed. He assures me that it’s not urgent, but it’s just something the office would like to talk to me about when a student visited recently.

“Great,” I thought, “I said something stupid and now they’re mad at me. Uggghhh.”

So I went in to see the administration.

This was not what I was expecting.

This guy had written me a letter and sent it to the school–priority mail. It wasn’t anything intrinsically creepy, he was thanking me for being friendly and wanted me to write him back, and talked about how we had connected or something. The admin said they would probably let him into the school, if none of his references pointed to him being really weird and if I was ok with it.

I had no real ground to say to net let him in-the letter didn’t say “I think you’re so hot and you’re all I can think about” or anything super weird like that. I was very uncomfortable, but I have a great support group of guys at school that I know would protect me-and beat him up, if necessary (except for the one with hemophilia, but he could play the violin while the other guys let the creeper have it).

I was scared. I cried. It seems though that the guy was pretty much just an awkward, extroverted homeschooled guy who didn’t really know how to behave in a social situation.

For some reason, I decided to stalk him again today using google. He’s so weird, lol, like, super weird. Like, he made a youtube video announcing where he was going to college. It’s not my school, by the way, and I’m very, very thankful for that. Anyway, I found something I hadn’t found before–his blog.

After he met me-the day after he wrote the creepy letter he sent me-he wrote a love poem on his blog.

He wrote another one a couple of weeks later.

I’m trying to tell myself that maybe they were to his future wife, or to an ex-girlfriend, or something. But the circumstantial evidence is enough to freak me out to no end.

I’m so thankful he isn’t coming to my school. I don’t know if the admin found out some creepy stuff about him and chose to reject him, or what, but I am so, so thankful. I plan to ask admin about it when I get back next semester and he isn’t there, just because I want to know the rest of the story, but good grief. I feel so totally vulnerable right now, even though I probably will never have to see him again.

Scary stuff. Stupid men. Good thing I have a group of big brothers at school to look out for me. I love the guys in my life.


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  1. Natalie says:

    All I have to say is that it’s definitely a good thing he’s not going to your school this fall!

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