Oh beautiful blog, I can’t even begin to recount the number of times I’ve longed to come write in your beautiful blank spaces. But alas, my life has been so crazy that I haven’t had the chance to do it, until today, when I still don’t but I”m making time.

My semester has been going pretty well, all things considered. I’ve discovered that the honors professor and his wife run the honors program in a super controlling manner, to the point where if I dropped his class this semester because it was teaching weird things I would have had to pay $400 plus the drop fee. ………yeah. So next semester, I will no longer be an honors student, because being an honors student at my school means “Taking all your electives and some other classes with this professor who cannot adequately communicate and all of his classes sound the exact same anyway.” So I’m not going to be in honors anymore. That has caused so much drama in my life since school started, it’s absolutely ridiculous. It caused me to get behind in school one weekend and therefore I had to pay for it for the next month. Yeah, I wasn’t very thrilled with the whole situation at all.

Not to mention that he wanted us to take a field trip tomorrow from 5:30AM-midnightish, thereby missing all of our classes and being too tired to even think straight in our ones on Wednesday. I have to work, so I’m not going :D

I have recently become re-addicted to Pandora. It’s great.

In happier news, I might be going to India this summer or spring break (or both)! Ever since last semester, India has been on my heart. Well, my school is sending a trip down there over spring break, and I’m super excited. If I want to do my internship there, I probably won’t go over spring break, but the more I think about it the more uncertain I am that I should do my internship there. Ugh, figuring out where God is leading is so frustrating sometimes. Either way, India is probably in my future :)

I am going to go home with my friends Melyssa and Cathy over our break in a few weeks. I’m so excited! I love those girls so much. It’s crazy.

Have you ever had days where you just feel like every decision you’ve made in your life so far has been wrong? Or that you have to defend every single thing you’re doing to people you love? I’ve had quite a few of those since I came to school this semester, and it’s frustrating, because when I step back and look at everything without being emotional it all seems to be on the right track for the goal on my heart. I just get tired of all the opposition, but I guess it comes with the territory sometimes.

So, if I haven’t told you, I’m taking 19 credits this semester. My online class ends in 22 days, which will be great for allowing me room to breathe, but I have really enjoyed the material. It’s Life of Christ III, which covers mainly the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry. It’s been so incredible to read through it all and really wrestle with it in all four gospels. We have to do observations for each section in our text book (anywhere from two verses to a chapter plus), and while they get really annoying, they’ve helped me focus and see so much more in the gospels.

One thing that has really stood out to me is John 13, when Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. A few weeks ago, our chapel speaker spoke on this passage, and closed with having the man for whom the building we were in was named, who served as the school’s president for like 20 years, and who has been working at this school since the beginning…that man washed the feet of a freshman.


It was probably the most humble and beautiful thing I’ve seen all semester. Talk about service. I want my life to be so marked with service like that. Jesus was such an amazing servant. I am amazed the more I study the Bible and study Jesus by just how self-sacrificing he was. Sometimes I get uncomfortable, and sometimes I get confused, but the common theme is that Jesus loves people and He gives himself for them freely. That’s something I don’t really do well, but I want to.

I am so weak, Jesus help me be strong.


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