This blog is for my sister, Tiffany, because I promised her this story like four days ago, and told her I’d blog about it at work tonight. Work was great, and I really should blog about that soon too (Note to self: LOC & Mr. C), but it was too busy to write a blog, so it’s nearly 1 AM and I’m writing this now, so forgive the possible incoherence and/or rambling :)

So as aforementioned, I have a story. This story taught me about my security.

Last week at work, a student came in.

Nothing terribly exciting, right?

This wasn’t just any student. This student was a little flirty, and had made me uncomfortable the other two times he’d come in (I’m a tutor, fyi), and if he’d continued to come in I would have asked Tyler to come sit at work with me (or at least to be in the library). Well, last week, this kid was…not himself.

As aforementioned, he could get a little flirty sometimes. Well that night, he called me “Sweetie.” okay well that’s weird, so I plotted how I’d get Tyler there.

Then he started hollering at another student how much he loved her and how he was going to marry her someday. Yeah, they don’t ever banter like that. She was a little weirded out and left really quickly.

So then, a guy from a H (a city) came and stood awkwardly in the doorway and J (student) turned around and was like “Are you from H? Because if you’re from H and you try to punch me when I shake your hand, I’m going to kill you.”

WHOA WHOA WHOA. Time out. This is Lindsey’s peaceful little learning lab, what are you doing?!

So J jumped up and got all defensive, stumbling over a chair and pulling back his pen ready to stab it in the guy’s neck if man from H tried to hurt him when he went to shake his hand. So little Lindsey is in the corner, trapped in this room, and terrified, because this guy has never been this violent before. Granted, J used to be in the army and has done a lot of things he regrets and deals with PTSD as a result of his time there. So he’s prone to being a bit impetuous, I guess you could say.

Anyway, I’m terrified, and J keeps talking to H man about how he’s going to kill him because K (not the brightest crayon in the box) told J that four guys from H were going to jump J if he ever went back to H, so now J is super paranoid.

Enter JS, who before that night was just another face on campus to me. JS knows J, and he can sense that I’m terrified lol, so JS comes and sits in the learning lab and works to defuse the situation. This whole thing lasted at least like 5 minutes, with H man provoking J by asking him weird questions like “who said they’d hurt you? Why did K tell you this? Why do they want to hurt you?” Like really dude? You’re really going to do that?

So JS eventually got H man out of the room so J and I could work on his homework (since that was the whole point of him being there), and I think I heard JS telling H man to chill out and leave J alone, lol.

So anyway, J decided he wanted to pray before we went back to homework. Now it was just me and J in the tutor center, which kinda freaked me out, but it’s in the library with a lot of glass, so I wasn’t like, super worried. So while he’s praying, I’m plotting how to get Tyler there, so as soon as he says “amen” I called Tyler and just held my phone in my lap. (He was there within four minutes or less, bless his heart lol). Anyway, J did a few other weird things and was just overall really weird that night.

So the next day I got to tell my boss about it, and the dean of men, and the pastor of my church (which is in town H, where K and man H go to church). They were all super apologetic about the whole incident, but it really wasn’t even their fault at all.

So yeah. That’s my crazy story. Oh! But yeah, so that night I was in my dorm, and still shaken up about it, and just wishing I were married and always having a guy with me so if something crazy happened he could protect me, but then God was just kind of like “Dude, seriously? You don’t think I can protect you?” and God proceeded to show me that He is my source of security. God uses Tyler and people like JS to keep me safe, but Tyler and JS do not provide my security; it comes from God.

That was such an awesome and peace-filling lesson to learn, especially if I go into mission work. I plan on spending 10 weeks in a foreign country this summer, so knowing that Jesus is my security before I go over there will really come in handy when I’m alone in another country.

So what about you? Are you trusting God to be your body guard, possibly using the men in your life (and even men you’ve never met) to protect you? Or are you trusting those men to protect you? Is God your “secret service,” the all-powerful bubble wrap that outsiders may not recognize but you know is keeping you safe? (Jesus is bubble wrap?! I want some more!!!)

Trust God to keep you safe. Yeah, it’s awesome he uses guys and it makes us feel all special and girly, but just remember that God is the ultimate source of your security–if He isn’t protecting you, even the beefiest guy in the world wouldn’t do any good.


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  1. So sorry it took me so long to read your blog! That is a crazy story! How freaky! I’m so proud of how you reacted though. It’s sad how people come back from being in the army with things like that.

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