I have a pet peeve that I didn’t really understand how to put into words until last night. When I realized what it was that was bothering me, it opened such a huge can of worms inside my head and my heart and…made me thankful.

I have some neighbors. Well, who doesn’t? These neighbors are very dear ladies to my heart. They have always been willing to help us, and we’re so close to them we actually have keys to each other’s houses. These two ladies happen to be gay.

I have told my friends that before, so that if they meet them they won’t say something stupid, and sometimes they make horrible faces and want nothing to do with them at all, or if they do have to see them are awkward and don’t really talk to them. Like…really? Yes, I think being gay is a sin, and it’s not something I want to see for anyone, but that doesn’t mean that I will shun the people who are currently involved in it (“Pre-Christians,” to use a positive, hopeful term a book I read suggested when interacting with people who don’t profess to follow Christ).

We ate dinner with these ladies last night. It was so much fun, and even though I know we doggedly disagree on so very many issues, the things that we *do* agree on brought 2.5 hours of laughter and fun. They are very good people, they have a heart for educating children and hospitality. They just want to help people out. And it turns my stomach when I think of the reactions of my “friends” when they find out they’re gay.

Let’s look at the One we claim we follow, shall we? Who did He spend His free time fraternizing with? Oh, that’s right…Tax collectors, prostitutes, “sinners…”

Yet we today think we are “too clean” to associate with people who are doing things we know are wrong. Umm…Pharisaic much?

Surely, there is a balance. If you are trying to love on someone and they start dragging you away from Christ, then the relationship is unhealthy. But my family’s 20 year friendship with these ladies is proof that you can love on someone, they can see you are different, and they won’t drag you down. They know where we stand on the whole gay thing, and on a lot of things, but we are still the only neighbors on the street to befriend them. I am so proud of my parents for allowing this relationship in their lives; they have been such a blessing to us, and I pray that one day we can return the blessing by finally being able to count them as sisters in Christ. But until that day comes, we show them love for who they are.

Yeah, being gay is odd, and kind of disturbing, but who am I to avoid a lost child? Who am I to be too good to talk to them?

Jesus didn’t have that attitude. If I think I can get away with it, I’m considering myself better than Jesus.

Oh. Snap.


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  1. YES.

    Thank you! It bugs me too when Christians think we should have nothing to do with people who are involved in sin of that nature. It’s like, how are they ever going to know God’s love if we don’t show it to them? I do agree there is a balance, but completely shunning them is NOT the way to go. Some Christians are so close minded in that area, and it’s sad.

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