Tonight was our all girls’ meeting.

I love these meetings because we get to all worship together and hear a message from a very wise female on staff.

Tonight was no exception.

Our speaker has such amazing stories and a real heart that is seeking to be shaped like God’s. I just sat there and was like, “Man. I just want to skip to then. Can we just do that?”

And then I realized that she wouldn’t be who she is without all the “this” in between “here” and “that.” The “this” is what forms our “that.” If our “This” isn’t in line with God and His heart, neither will be our “that.” We can’t expect to be mature when we get older (and have “that“) if we aren’t faithful now with our “this.”

I know, confusing way to say it. But basically, enjoy right now, and enjoy growing. Yeah, it hurts. A lot. Yeah, it takes work. A lot. Yeah, it’s scary. A lot. But those are the things that make your “this” “that” worthy.

Know who you are in Christ. Pursue God’s heart. Grow in Godliness.


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