I’ll probably be emotionally drained and need to write about spring break every day that I’m here.

Not in a bad way. In a very good way.

You see, for this spring break I opted to come visit my favorite aunt and her family. Her husband is very ill, and he’s…well…dying.

I got to spend today with Eric and Lea and their sweet kids. It was so much fun. We just played with their baby kitty, watched MacGyver and Jimmy Neutron, and laid out in the sun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Then tonight I came over to my aunt’s house (after having dinner with the other two cousins and their kids, at which time I painted my toenails orange). It’s so wonderful being here, but I was kind of in shock when I first saw my uncle. He’s lost an incredible amount of weight and while I know he’s still loving and spirited, I can see pain and despair written on his face. He isn’t moping or mourning or feeling sorry for himself by any means, but I can tell he’s tired and hurting from this fight with his cancer. He and my aunt still love each other though. So, so much. They gave each other foot massages tonight while we chatted and watched some tv. It was absolutely precious.

This is going to be a really hard trip. I wanted to cry when I first saw him, but I can’t. I can’t cry in front of them. They already know the situation stinks and probably don’t really want to think about it. They’re at the point where they have to live each day to its fullest, praising God for every single one of them that they get to be together. I hope I catch some of that spirit from them while I’m here.

We did devotions together. It melted my heart. It was really short, but it meant more to me than anything to hear my uncle’s deep yet weaker voice pray tonight. It’s times like these that I hate how little I know them because we’ve lived 2000 miles apart for the last 20 years. I’m so thankful for this week.


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