I don’t know how she does this.

My aunt is an incredible woman to take care of the man she loves so tirelessly.

He felt crummy all day today, too. Did you know chemo gives you sores inside your mouth? I didn’t. I do now.

He gets sores so bad he can’t even hardly speak, and nothing will make them feel better. So today they found a new thing to try, some powder they sprinkle on his sores. He has to have it put on three times a day. The first time this afternoon wasn’t so bad, but tonight it just burned him up so bad. This strong guy who could handle anything reduced to near tears as his wife had to put this drug on his chemo-sore-filled mouth.

Hiccups about break your heart to watch him endure. They hurt him so badly. He just groans in agony and holds his stomach.

Did I mention he’s fed by a tube? Every day at 4:30 my aunt has to hook him up to receive his nutrients; the cancer has blocked up his colon. Hiccups make the site where the tube meets his stomach just ache and ache.

Tonight we did devotions. It talked about looking for God in the small things, and thanking God for the way he works in little everyday situations.

During this devo, Uncle Bob got the hiccups and groaned in pain. Aunt Joann just reached over and held his hand and started singing a hymn related to the topic while he hiccuped and tried to stifle his moans.

After she finished, the first thing he said was “I’m sorry I’m not going to be able to help you get everything ready tomorrow.”

I struggle in seeing someone who loves his wife and serves her, and raised his children to be godly and loving people, suffer so much agony because of some stupid disease. Hearing cancer is awful is like a million times different than seeing that truth.


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