And then I log onto facebook and my Audrie is engaged. I’m SO happy for her; she and her boyfriend are great together, he’s a great guy, they’re going to be a great team…

But inside just got a little sadder. Kinda wanted to go into pity party moment. Just got another “why did she find a guy and not me” moment, being tempted to compare myself to her again, or worse–dislike her because she’s “the better me.”

But I’m not going to give into that. I won’t go down that road again. I will rejoice with her, because this deserves rejoicing.

It’s like with my uncle’s cancer. I can ask God “Why” a million times, but the reality is that I just won’t know right now and have to wait it out. I know, being single is a whole lot less dramatic than having cancer, but I’ve really learned that lesson this week. God knows why, even if we think it’s awful and horrible and just want it to go away. He’s in charge of everything, and my job is to trust him, whether it’s something stupid like being single, or when my uncle’s very life hangs in the balance.


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