Today was really good. I’m typing on my phone so bullets now to be expanded later. (it’s later now, so I’m expanding these)

Bob felt SO good today–or well, at least a lot better than he has all week. He voluntarily talked to me! It was so exciting, especially because I felt like I could ask him questions and not be making him talk through pain against his will. He told me all about the trips he’d taken out of the country–South Korea, Hawaii, Ireland–Ireland was his favorite. He talked about how fun it was having Joann with him, and how they ate in little pubs because that was where the best food was. He loves her so much. He also told me about his work history–he used to paint SHOW CARS! How cool is that?! Then he got into working for fancy schmancy hotels refurbishing their marble, and then he started his own business. He used to be gone on really long business trips, and Joann would come out and stay with him for a week or so when he was. They’re so precious.

“Grab that box over there from under the TV,” he said, pointing a frail hand in the general direction. I picked up the blonde box. It didn’t weigh much at all. The top was just a bunch of slats stuck side-by-side. I handed it to him and he carefully pulled up slat after slat, showing me pictures of the cars he’d painted. I saw his very first car ever (and his shadow while taking the picture) and his very favorite car (which apparently my cousin Bobby scratched up by sliding down the hood with sand in his pants. He still had an annoyed yet amused tone in his voice when he talked about it all these years later). I relished every story, even if it was about cars and things. I was secretly thankful for all the times my dad and brother have told me stories about cars so I could learn how to respond somewhat intelligently and how to carry on a conversation about something that I generally don’t discuss.

After lunch, he wanted to play a game with me (which was a major bonus–he was actually feeling well enough to interact!). I had watched him play solitare earlier (so adorable), but this time we played a game called shut the box. It’s adorable, you should google it. Anyway, he totally was winning, but then he started hiccupping and making those awful sounds again, so I asked him if he was feeling all right. He admitted he wasn’t, and that we should take a break. I didn’t let any disappointment show in my face or voice (I hope) and tried to be supportive and attentive to his needs. Shortly thereafter, after getting his pain a little bit eased, he decided to take a nap, and didn’t wake up until I was leaving to go to Dusty’s house. I felt bad leaving him on such a bad note, because I don’t want him to feel guilty for stopping the game or whatever, but I look back on the morning and just remember sheer delight and cry a little bit over the precious time we got to spend together.

When Bob took his nap, I utilized the free time to go lay outside in the hammock. It was so wonderful. I could have stayed there all day!

As aforementioned, I spent the night with Dusty and Secily. Their children are absolutely adorable. I have never fallen in love with a little boy so stinking fast! Their girls are really sweet too. I just love them.

after the girls went to bed, Dusty, Secily, and I ate some ice cream (which was rock hard…poor Dusty had to microwave it to get mine out! He’s so great, I just love him) and gabbed. We talked for like, three hours. It was so much fun. We talked about my school, their school, their jobs, their childhoods, the city, family, kids, homeschooling…they’re a wonderful couple. If I lived closer, I would be at their house all the stinking time.

In short, Today has been great. Bob felt better so everything was more lovely, and staying with Dusty and the kids was just awesome.


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