Today was a good day.

I spent the night with Dusty and Secily last night, so I hardly saw Bob today at all until we got back here in the early afternoon, at which time the girls and I made rice crispy treats (sticky, but lots of fun). Today was just fun all around. I read books for EVER to the three most adorable children on the face of the planet and got to hang out with their awesome mom. She and I are going to play a duet at church on Sunday; I sure hope I can learn my part in time.

It was raining, so I took Grant outside to sit on the porch swing with me (He’s 2 and a half). He told me what noises all the animals make, as well as sang me his ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, AND Jesus Loves Me. My heart has definitely been stolen by this little guy.

We had a lot of fun, playing games and just being silly and reading and baking. Then tonight, after Dusty, Secily, and the kids left, Bob, Joann and I did our devotions. And it hit me like a sack of rocks.

In just one short day, I had forgotten what life was like for them. And that terrifies me.

I don’t want to go back to school and just go on my merry little way, hardly giving Bob and Joann a second thought as they struggle through each and every day.

I want the pain of others to be so impressed upon my heart and my mind that I bring them constantly to the Lord in prayer. I want their suffering to be real and to become my own so that I can remember that my life isn’t bad at all, and that they need love and encouragement and prayer.

Apparently my uncle told my aunt that he didn’t realize how enjoyable having a guest could be and that he was really going to miss me when I left. That means more to me than all the status at school ever could. Here I thought I was being a complete fool, not hardly knowing how to help at all or what to say or do…but it’s what he’s needed. Thank you Jesus, for using me.

Choosing this was so the right choice over going to India. Dr. C was wise.

(Did I never tell that story? I had planned to go to India this week last semester. Then Bob had a really bad test come back saying that there was basically nothing they could do for him. I wasn’t sure what to do at all, but then in one of my classes Dr. C said talked about a time in his life when he and his wife had been all set to go on the mission field and her sister became very ill and they were the only ones who could/would take care of her. I went into his office, tearful, and asked him how he decided. He said “You know, India will always be there. This time with your uncle…you might never be able to get back.” He was so, so right.)


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