Today was a lot of fun.

I woke up feeling kinda icky, my neck was really really sore. So we decided not to go waterfall hiking. Bummer :(

So since I felt icky, Bob and I just watched TV together, both of us feeling icky and quiet.

Secily came over and we practiced our duet for Easter Sunday. It was really nice. Then we went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant (SO YUMMY).

Then I came back home and watched more TV with Bob. We both fell asleep, lol. Aunt Joann woke me up about an hour later telling me that Lea was on her way to pick me up.

See, Lea and I concocted what turned out to be my favorite night of the whole trip so far, fun-wise.

We had dinner with Bob and Jennifer, and then…
we watched a scary movie :)

We watched “The Glass House,” which is incredibly creepy. I sat on the loveseat with Bob and Jennifer. Jennifer and I are both movie talkers and movie screamers. We screamed and laughed together so much. We pulled the blanket up over our eyes, and screamed, and held hands, and bonked heads at one part (when the girl wakes up next to a dead body…creepy.)…it was a great bonding experience, and tons of fun :)

After the movie, we decided to play fruit ninja on xbox kinect. Sara started playing it by herself, and I decided I wanted to play also. Eventually Bob and Lea were playing–it was quite a sight :) they did really well though! so fun.

After that, I went back home with Lea and Eric and we just stayed up and talked for three more hours, making our bedtime nearly 3AM. It was so totally worth it. I had a great time just laughing with them.

I love my family.


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