Today was really fun also.

We slept in till about 10, ate cinnamon rolls, and watched Princess Protection Program (Yes, even Eric…I told you, my family is awesome). After that, Sara and I went outside and held the kitten for a little bit, and then our group met up with Bobby & Jennifer’s group and we went STRAWBERRY PICKING!! <3

It was so much fun! I've decided I want to grow strawberries someday. We ate them with nutella, with oreos, and with chocolate chip cookies (nutella was definitely the best). They were extremely good.

After that, I came back over here to Aunt Joann's house and vacuumed, washed potatoes, make sopapilla cheesecake, and finished kitchen clean-up. I felt bad not being here all day to help her more, but I guess Secily came over to help her get ready for the big family get-together tomorrow.

Bob seemed so-so tonight. Bless his little heart, he wanted so badly to be helping get ready for tomorrow but just can't be doing all that stuff. So we took him the potatoes and he peeled and cut them in his warm little room. He's so sweet. I just love them so stinking much. It says so much to me about his servant's heart that even while he's in such frail condition he wants to serve his wife. Talk about testimony.

Anyway, we visited some, did devotions, and made plans for the kids' scavenger hunt tomorrow. Bob was very good at coming up with scavenger hunt ideas, lol. He's also very good at putting the dog (Duchess) in her place when she's too rowdy. It's absolutely adorable how well she listens to him!

Tomorrow he's going to try to go to church for the first time in 3 months. I'm super excited but also very protective. I want to be in tune to him and his needs so that I can protect him and make sure his time is a pleasant and safe one. Course, I'm sure Aunt Joann will do a great job of that. But I'm still protective! lol.

Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up now. I like not ending a post depressed :)


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