Well, today was my last full day here. I leave at 6AM tomorrow morning. Crazy.

This week was such a blessing.

My uncle went to church today for the first time since January. He was worried about looking sickly. Sure, he lost a lot of weight, but my did he look handsome today. Yes, he was frail, but he was sharp, sharper than any other guy there. I think it made him feel more confident to have a nice suit to wear, which my aunt very painstakingly pressed the night before so it would be perfect for her sweet man and help him be more confident.

He told her she looked beautiful this morning, and she wanted to make sure to look extra good since he was coming. She was so excited.

During church, I looked up (I sat behind them with some of the cousins’ kids) and he had his arm around her. It was very thin and nothing like what it used to look like, but he was still loving her and embracing her. I totally cried. I think I upset Sara lol, she’s not used to seeing me cry. But no seriously, that was the sweetest thing I have seen in my entire life. It was completely beautiful.

Then we came back to the house and had a wonderful Easter get-together, just eating and having fun. Nathan, Bob’s son, came over and started talking to me like I was his mother. Poor thing turned all shades of red when he realized what he’d done, but it was quite hilarious at the dinner table.

The girls (Amelia, Sara, and Brenna, but mostly Sara) helped me put together a beautiful vase for the counter top so it wouldn’t look so bare. It felt good to be doing event planny things again!

After lunch, we did a photo scavenger hunt with the kids. I guess they didn’t like it that much, but it was a fun idea in my opinion lol. I took around Grant, the youngest of the kiddos. He’s adorable and so hard to keep up with! haha. After that, they ripped into their Easter gifts from Gramma and Papa (My aunt and uncle…so confusing!), after which me and the girls slipped away to lay on the hammock.

Yeah, total fail. We fell off lol. But then we just went and relaxed on the porch for like, two hours. My cousin Lea is amazing, and her brothers married equally amazing women. I had so much fun just listening to their stories and talking about life with them. They’re all great.

Let’s see…after that, I looked at Lea’s vacation pictures with her and Eric, colored a picture with Sara, and then it was just hanging out and goofing off (and learning how to talk Southern with Eric and Dusty) until one by one they all had to leave :( Sara cried, I wanted to…it was rough.

Then I got to hang out with my aunt looking at the stars for a few minutes, until we went back inside to look at pictures from the day with my uncle. He asked me what I would be doing if I got the internship I want, and the conversation turned to VBS (since I’d be in children’s ministries). He started talking about their church’s program, and said: “There’s a snack room for the adults to go to and get away from the kids, and that’s the head honcho over there, and she does a great job.” As soon as he uttered those simple words of praise, my aunt’s face just beamed. It was beautiful how even after so many years a woman could be so encouraged and affirmed by her husband’s simple words of love. They’re such a beautiful couple. It’s so obvious in their life that he has lovingly guided her, served her, and protected her, and she has respectfully built him up, supported him, and served him. It’s just…beautiful.

We had devotions then, and Bob prayed tonight. I know it hurt him, but I’m so happy he did. It was wonderful to hear this amazing man of God pray, and even pray for me, despite his circumstances.

I’m so happy I came here. This was the best vacation of my life because I learned so much. I always knew Aunt Joann was my favorite, but I couldn’t really tell why until this week. I learned the difference between a life that is full and a life that is filled. A full life is just…full of junk, busy…worthless. A filled life is filled with God first, and daily, and is poured out to others. Sure, you may be just as busy at the end of the day, but you know that what you did mattered to someone and helped them become who God wants them to be, and that makes all the difference in the world.


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