From my short 21 years of existence (close enough to 21, you nit-picky readers), I’ve observed some things that the right guy just won’t do.

The right guy won’t…
– Influence you to be against your family. He won’t encourage you to frown upon your parents/siblings/extended family at every turn.
– Not drive places
– Not pick you up
– Not take you on dates
– Complain about meeting people who are important in your life
– Make nearly everything your fault
– Want you to work out but do basically nothing to keep himself healthy
– Avoid talking about spiritual things
– Not plan anything
– Make you initiate things
– Not have a plan for his life, or at least dreams for his future
– Act one way around your friends, one way around your family, one way around his family, and another way when it’s just the two of you.
– Refuse to see his faults
– Speak and speak and speak without letting your point of view influence his thoughts at all or even really taking time to comprehend what you have said
– Make himself look good at your expense
– Care more about his reputation than about you
– Refuse to even touch you in public but want to hug you and flirt with you incessantly when there’s no one around, thereby making you feel dirty and not worthy to be publicly claimed
– Play video games in all his down time
– Expect to be the head simply by virtue of being male, not by having virtue
– Not lead
– Try to fix everything instead of just letting you word vomit
– Flirt with girls online, including “liking” their seductive pictures
– Ignore you to talk to another random girl while walking with you
– Resent sharing you with a child (by giving nasty looks/noises/shutting down when you give a child attention, or by pointing out all the child’s faults simply because she loves you and wants to be with you and you’re spending time with her and not solely focused on him)
– Push you beyond your rules you’ve made for yourself
– Hate kids (let’s face it, any guy who doesn’t like kids isn’t marriage material for those of us who want to be mothers)
– Drink, smoke, chew, cuss…the normal stuff we avoid.


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