My aunt called to hear how my “date” went last night. I told her, it was fun, she was supportive and seems to like him and stuff. Then I asked how their Fourth of July went.

Crappy, that’s how it went. My uncle is back in the hospital. I don’t think it’s anything major necessarily, but he’s in pain. And they’re in that awful hospital. Again. They spent like 10 days there just a few weeks ago and now they’re back again. Hopefully they can go home tomorrow.

Suddenly flirting and wondering what is going to happen with C doesn’t matter to me anymore. Suddenly nothing matters except crying and telling God how upset I am about all this going on. I suddenly don’t care if I’m considered cute or sweet. I just care that my uncle is lying in a stupid hospital bed in pain and my aunt is having to watch the love of her life suffer.

I know God isn’t doing this to be mean. I know God doesn’t want this to happen. I know God is walking with us through this. I also know that it stinks. I’m not bitter at God, and this doesn’t shake my faith, but it…it hurts, and it makes me frustrated at this stupid sinful world we live in and the fallenness of our condition and just how…stupid sin is.

My uncle has been suffering so well. I am so proud to call him my uncle. He is still such a faithful husband, father, grandfather, uncle, servant…a faithful man, a faithful Christian. He is so amazing and his faith is so inspiring.

I still hate that this is happening though.


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