Brave: The movie that let me down more than any movie I have ever been that excited about.

I didn’t appreciate the crass humor, the crude humor, the suggestive humor…but most of all I hated the way men and women were portrayed.

Men were portrayed as mindless fighting machines who don’t listen to anyone and just do whatever the beans they want. They were portrayed as self-absorbed, chauvinistic, yet completely hen-pecked and subservient to women.

Where did women get this idea that the only way to be brave is to completely degrade men into being fools so that they can take the glory? Why is it that the chick in Brave couldn’t be brave and act her proper role?

The point is this–a woman doesn’t have to be a cook, seamstress, and take care of children to be a submissive wife. Submission doesn’t equal homemaker. Submission is a position of respect and support for the men in a woman’s life. Why did Disney feel that they had to make all the men blundering idiots in order for Merida to shine?

I’m just irritated with how far this stupid sexual revolution has gone. Women want it all, but they can’t have it all. They want to be men, but then they also want to be treated like women. It’s disgusting and completely saddening. We’ve lost sight of our Creator completely in the area of gender roles.


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