I write this to humbly ask for your prayers.

I’m really struggling with understanding the mind of God right now. I know that’s a futile thing to try to do because God’s mind is so much bigger than my own, but bringing myself into submission to his plan is really hard at this moment.

Unless God does something miraculous, my Uncle’s life is drawing to a rapid close. He’s down to a matter of weeks, probably less than a month. I applied for an internship near their house, and God shut the door, and all I want to know right now is why. I know God has me here rather than North Carolina for a grander purpose, but at this moment it just makes me sick that I missed Bob’s last summer because of an internship.

God is still good, and He’s still in control. I don’t understand what’s going on, but I know that God’s heart is grieving with my family and that we’re not walking here alone. I’ve been telling my kids all summer “The story isn’t over yet!” when things look hopeless for the main character. I know this story isn’t over yet, either—it’s just getting through this part is hard.

So I’m asking for your prayers—that I could stay focused on the people here and not withdraw into a shell of sadness and wanting to be in North Carolina.

That my aunt and her kids would cherish these last few weeks with Bob.

And that Bob would hold fast to his faith until his final breath—he’s been such an amazing pillar throughout this whole thing. He has truly suffered well, and as much as I hate this whole thing, I know he’s ready to be with Jesus. It’s just the rest of us who need to be ready to let him go.


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