Swan-Princess-swan-princess-2933336-608-336Odette: “You know I”m under a spell!”

Jean-Bob: “But my kiss will break the spell!!”

Odette: “I can only kiss the man of love, and then he–”

Jean-Bob: “…must make a vow of everlasting love, I know!”

Odette: “And prove it to the world!”

–The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is one of my favorite princess movies, simply because I love the story. This is one fairytale that has it all–they knew each other very well, Derek is a fully-developed character, and he has to fight for Odette.


Melyssa and I watched this movie tonight, and that dialogue just stuck with me. I love it that, even though to Jean-Bob a kiss was nothing to fret over, Odette knew there was something more important in that. She understood that she needed to save that for the man she loves, who would promise to love her forever–and mean it.

I’m a sucker for that mentality. I don’t think there’s anything more romantic or just plain cool than waiting for the right guy and the right time for stuff. I dunno, this isn’t making a lot of sense, I just really loved that dialogue. I know, I don’t turn into a swan when the sun comes up. But I like to think of it in the same terms…like I’m under a spell. Like I need to wait for the “man I love” to “make an everlasting vow and prove it to the world.” Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper cheesy, I know. But isn’t it so much more fun that way?

I’m totally okay being the damsel in distress. I realize that idea is frowned down upon by many in our society, and I feel the same way when chivalry becomes just another way to hit on a woman–beLIEVE me, I get that. But I’m a huge fan of being rescued, defended, and fought for.

Example: There was a kid at school sending me text messages that weren’t really creepy per say, but were WAY over the line. I took it to a trusted prof, who addressed the issue, and I haven’t heard from the kid since. It was great. I loved it. I loved it that Mr. W would stand up and say “Dude. Knock it off.” for me, so that I didn’t have to get in over my head in any weird situation.

There’s just something about being protected. I don’t know what it is, but I like it! haha.

Anyway, I probably should have written this in the morning when I’m more coherent, but…whatever! I’ll leave you with my favorite song from The Swan Princess :)


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