“Whoever loves the most in a relationship has the least power.” -Rory

We talked about submission this morning in Christian discipleship, and this quote really stood out to me…because it is so true. This is the reason the world is afraid to love–because they have loved before and been burned because the other person misused the power.

How do I know this is true? Because I’ve felt that. I completely closed off my heart–I was afraid to let anyone in. Loving a man meant getting hurt, so why even bother? God and I could handle things just fine. Which is completely true, but that is a horrible reason to stay in that state. Fear is never a good motivation for anything.

If you’ve ever watched Once Upon a Time, you know EXACTLY what this quote is talking about. If you haven’t, go watch it. The evil queen is so cold, so empty, so power-hungry that she destroys those who love her. She has all the power because she shares none of the love.

That’s scary. We’re afraid to love because loving someone (romantically or not) means that we are becoming incredibly vulnerable to them. They have the power to hurt us or help us, to build us or destroy us. Chances are, you’ve felt both in your lifetime. If you haven’t yet, you will. People are flawed, we’re going to hurt each other. But that doesn’t mean we get to give up on each other, or give up on loving people altogether.

Sometimes we can take this broken view of loving people to God. We’re afraid that if we love God whole-heartedly, He’ll burn us. I can promise you that isn’t true–God loves us so selflessly, so beautifully. God’s love is the thread that holds the Bible together, it’s the very reason for the cross and my existence. If everyone could love like God, no one would ever get burned.

“Love is always harder than power. It’s also more rewarding, fulfilling, and satisfying.”

So what do you want? Love or power? Which do you show in your life?

*I’m starting to write posts in advance and have them publish on Fridays, to keep my blog from being inundated when I have the time to write. This was actually written Wednesday, 4/3. We’ll see how this goes :)


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