So I started googling celebrities I used to like as a child.

And I’m appalled.

Miley Cyrus’s new video? Complete trash. It’s so defiant, so raunchy, and so twisted that it breaks your heart. She used to be such a beautiful young lady, and now? Now she looks like a boy with her butch cut hair, claiming she has found liberation and independence because she can dress how she wants and sleep with whomever she wants whenever she wants.

Wow. Congratulations…

And then there were the Jonas Brothers.

First of all, they’ve become proof that facial hair DOES NOT make men cuter. *shudder*

Second of all, their new single is completely degrading to women. I was disgusting by the lyrics and dances in the video.

Ladies, why is it desirable to be “wanted like a kid wants a milkshake”? (yeah, Jonas said that…that’s completely revolting.) Why is it desirable to be only valued for our bodies–bodies that WILL change and won’t look like they do now in 10 years.

Why is it that we decided happiness and freedom meant allowing ourselves to be whistled at, cat-called to, ogled after, and dehumanized? Explain to me how that’s happy or liberating in any way, shape, or form?

No. True happiness and freedom are Christ. Freedom includes respecting yourself. Freedom demands respect. Joy comes from serving Christ.

Our world is so twisted. It makes me sick.

I am more than a body. I am more than a face. I am a daughter of the King; the price He paid for my freedom is far too great for me to let it be taken away by the lies and bondage of sin’s deep etches in culture.


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