Hi, my name is Lindsey–Jesus fanatic, writing and music addict. I’m currently a senior at a Bible college where I work as an RA (third floor baby!) and a tutor. God is the core of my being, and without Him and His love, I am nothing.IMG_0454 copy(2)

I have fairly odd hobbies–studying, talking with the girls on my floor, watching movies, reading, crafting, cooking, playing ultimate frisbee, practicing piano…not horribly exciting :o) Though…Pinterest is becoming a new obsession, which incidentally fuels all my other obsessions…

However, one of my favorite, and weirdest, hobbies, is definitely looking at wedding stuff. If I have time to kill online, you just might find me looking at wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding pictures…I love weddings! They’re so joyful and happy and romantic and beautiful. And if I see a wedding/engagement picture on facebook, even if I don’t know you, I will creep you. You have been warned! :)

Things that are pretty and sparkly are an obsession.

I love socks and chapstick.

I also am quite fond of lotion.

Mocha cookie crumble frappe is my favorite drink from Starbucks, though if I’m not feeling something that heavy Passion fruit tea with raspberry lemonade is my choice, with caramel apple spice being the only logical option during the winter.

Swimming, ice skating, zumba, tennis, and running are my favorite forms of exercise. I want to run a marathon someday.

I have one sibling: An older brother named Tyler. He married a fantastic girl in 2011, and I now have a big sister too.

A big theme on this blog is Biblical womanhood and Biblical romance, and waiting for God’s timing, in the romance area, especially. I dish about a lot of things in all aspects of my life on here (not as regularly as I’d like, but often enough to keep it interesting :)

Thanks for stopping by :)


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